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Youth Development Enrichment Program

S+E+A (Science+Equine+Agriculture) "Experiential Education & Therapeutic Exploration" @ MM Equestrian Farm
January 2024
  S+E+A Youth Development Enrollment Form
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S+E+A Youth Development Enrollment Form
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Youth Development Enrichment Program (Page #2/2)

Art Without Walls

Art Without Walls (AWW)

Vinyl Statistics - Homage to 50 years of Hip Hop’s PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE ARTISANS

AWW is an artisan initiative specifically designed for young aspiring artisans, to explore and engage in curating mixed mediums of eclectic art expressions.

WHO: Created for high school youth (9th-12th) graders within the tri-county region of South Florida, who are eager to curate eclectic art, beyond their foundational education provided by their host schools. Through art coaching, youth artisans of “AWW” programs gain education, exposure, and self-confidence that will assist them in developing their artistic talents through eclectic art expression.

WHEN/WHERE: “ART/SOUL BASEL” Dec. 5-10, 2023

HOW: Youth artisans will have an opportunity to enter their selected pieces into our showcase based on these criterions:

* Must be a high school student from Booker T. Washington HS, Miami Central HS, Miami Jackson, Miami Edison, Miami Northwestern, or North Miami.
* Must be committed to completing the research process (students will earn a grade and community service hours) and submitting final pieces by the November 10, 2023, deadline.
* Must submit a written personal statement (250 words), stating how the art of storytelling has influenced their lives artistically.
* 25 artisans will be selected to showcase their work.

WHY: The art of storytelling is essential as an alternative to verbal communication. Many of our youth are struggling with expressing their feelings and dealing with internal pain. Hence, visual art can be an outlet that empowers them to use their voices ARTISTICALLY! Moreover, our artisan initiative provides a safe, non-judgmental platform for artisans to freely express themselves artistically, emotionally, and mentally.

This eclectic outdoor art exhibit is unique in itself. We’re engaging local artisans from the community to showcase their talents on a larger platform, as well as curating this exhibit with local artisans from the community to help tell a story of our city, culture, and community. This outdoor experiential exhibit will engage local tourists and art enthusiasts to learn about our rich history in Historic Overtown.

Meet Our Curators

Dr. Haynes-Cruz Leon, an entertainment manager for aspiring artisans, mental health psychopathologist, entrepreneur, art curator, educator, advocate, and confidence builder, will collaborate with AWW, as an artistic director/curator/sponsor. Dr. Haynes-Cruz Leon understands how culture, community and connectivity plays a pivotal part in how we express and process our emotions. Art and music have been key modalities in working with individuals who have experienced complex traumas. Art and music are both; universal languages shared and celebrated culturally. Both mediums are used as holistic modalities to convey the essence of the world around us. Hence, many people use art as a tool to create new ideas, which can help others HEAL. On the other hand, others use art/music to focus on what inner change looks like and how we can implement change one STROKE at a time.

Mr. M. Weeks, a venerated muralist and visual artist, will collaborate with AWW as an art consultant/curator for youth artisans, as well as assist with the selection process for displaying selected art pieces. Mr. Weeks will collaborate with local youth and arts organizations in the surrounding neighborhood to assist with telling a story of the city and people rich in creativity and history, as well as its influence on Hip Hop’s PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE ARTISANS.

Naomi Spencer, a local self-taught furniture artisan born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She will collaborate as an artistic director/coach, curator, and sponsor. Her love for rare and antique furniture is what motivated her to start a small business, Vintique Sole, in 2019. She found abandoned /vintage pieces that were meaningless to some, yet she found purpose to give it new life. She wanted to show people that “trash” can be transformed into timeless treasures. Her passion is restoring antique/vintage furniture and creating customized eclectic pieces for her clientele.