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Solution Focused

Our mission is identifying solutions and proactive strategies to reduce risk of victimization.

Our purpose is PEOPLE.

Our goal is to protect vulnerable individuals from being exploited.

Organizational Overview

Haynes Harbour, Inc. prides itself on seeking, saving, and serving the vulnerable populace in underserved communities in an effort to alleviate human trafficking, poverty, hunger, and homelessness. Haynes Harbour, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) direct service provider of integrative health and social services. We are providers of long-term, sustainable residential, and rehabilitation services for youth and young adult survivors of human trafficking. Haynes Harbour, Inc. implements a person-centered approach to care. We condemn all forms of human rights abuses, including human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and labor trafficking of children and youth.

We expand opportunities by providing care for victims and survivors who have experienced complex trauma through individualized therapeutic and personal growth programming including the following Survivor Led Programs:

• Survivor Led Group Therapies
• Life Skills Coaching
• Wholeness & Nutrition Coaching
• Solution Coaching
• Pet Therapy
• Ayur (life) Veda (knowledge) - Healing for the Mind/Body
• Trauma Incident Reduction Therapy
• Cognitive Behavior Therapy
• Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
• Art/Culinary/Fitness/Music/Dance Therapies
• Meditation Coaching
• Yoga/Reiki
• Sound therapy
• Aromatherapy

Our target populations include victims and survivors of human trafficking with an emphasis on homeless and/or displaced expecting/nurturing youth. Including individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ (18-23 years old) and youth within the child welfare system (12-18 years old).

Our integrative person-centered framework encourages our consumers to gain autonomy for their lives by empowering them with a voice to identify their personal goals, social interests, skills/abilities, personal styles, personal values, and personal morals.

Our comprehensive trauma incident reduction (TIR) models focus on the art of nourishing the mind, body, and spirit/soul.

"1 Million x $5" Housing Initiative

Haynes Harbour Group, Inc. is a direct service provider and real estate development group focused on housing equity and economic viability. Approximately, 1.1 million people embody a fifth of the extremely low-income, affordable housing ratio, they live in extreme paucity, and need supportive services to access and maintain permanent affordable housing. Our communities are currently facing housing hardships that are often obscured by the glitter of the city lights, but there is a silver lining for mission based developers who want to do good in the community while running a solid, successful business.

Our point of differentiation is simple, we are mission driven to bridge the racial wealth gap, by securing hard assets in real estate acquisitions. We are committed to improving the wellbeing of our communities, by recirculating black/brown dollars back into distressed, underserved communities to stimulate collaborative Economics and Equity!

Nevertheless, racial disparities and disproportionality remains a core issue. Today’s emergency punctuates the deep racial and ethnic disparities in our communities and across the country. Efforts to engage multi-sector, community partnerships and private investors to create and sustain housing security grounded in equity have long been hampered by system-level data silos. With that said, we need to increase the capacity of diverse female mission driven developers and investors to design, construct, and operate sustainable housing initiatives.

To support purchasing an apartment complex to permanently house additional survivors, you can pay with Zelle right from your banking app. Simply send your donation securely via Zelle to '' (Minimum Donation: $5.00)
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